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All Members (GEOSIX) as pdf by email

£10.00 p.a.

£11.00 p.a.

UK Members (Printed GEOSIX)

£25.00 p.a.

£26.00 p.a.

European Members (Printed GEOSIX)

£34.00 p.a.

£35.00 p.a.

ROW Members (Printed GEOSIX)

£44.00 p.a.

£45.00 p.a.

(For payments by cheque or postal order, please make them payable to the

“King George VI Collectors' Society” and send to the

Membership Secretary whose address can be found on the Contacts page above).

For payments by PayPal please use the appropriate button below

New Subscriptions (Application form required)       

(Only use this payment button if you have already sent

an application form by email or post. Otherwise, please

apply now using the online form at this link:- Apply)          

Subscription Renewals  (you can renew for 1 or 2 years)  

Pay for Purchases at the Society Auctions

Other Payments (Study Papers, Donations etc)

Subscription Renewal Pay for Auction Lots Other Payments New Subscriptions (form by post)