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 Society News and future meetings

 Because of the Covid epidemic there has been no AGM in 2020. We have not received any comments or enquiries about items that might have arisen at an AGM had we held one. We plan to hold the next one in 2021 but probably not until the Autumn, by which time, hopefully, public transport travel and meetings will be safe.

 The auction this year was in the Autumn and there is not enough time to organise another one in the Spring of 2021. Thus next year’s auction will also be in the Autumn  and a call for lots will appear in GEOSIX in good time.

 After discussion with the West Africa Study Circle, we have decided to postpone the combined meeting planned for March 2021. It will now be held in 2022

 No “physical” meetings are currently planned for 2021. However we are going to hold some online events using Zoom (please see the separate notice). While we appreciate that not everyone will feel competent enough with their computer to participate, other societies have been having success with these meetings and so we intend to give them a go. A major advantage is that you can both hear the presentation and see the exhibits much better and we hope that members who cannot easily travel to the venue at the Union Jack Club, can take part.

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