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 GEOSIX Issue 291

Kenya Uganda and Tanganyika: Rope Joined and Rope Not Joined to Sail

– Robert Crabtree and Brian Livingstone FRPSL

“Semi-Colon” Variety on King George V 5cts. on Printings from before and

after the Accession of King George VI – Robert Crabtree

1938-51 Leeward Islands 3d Orange: Letter Doubling – Robert Crabtree

1938-52 Fiji 2½d on 2d: ‘Full Stop’ Flaw – Robert Crabtree

1946 Ascension ‘Victory’ 2d: Large Scratch – Robert Crabtree

King George VI’s Funeral Trains – Roger Harrison

Book Review: 1950 KG VI Definitive Issue of Canada – Original Design

Membership  and  Future Meetings

Notes from The Chairman’s Desk No. 52