The King George VI Collectors Society GEOSIX Archive DVD

The digitised archive edition was largely put together by Brian Rogers. It was first put on sale to Society members in July 2015. It consists of all the issues of GEOSIX from 1-254 on a DVD - that is to the end of 2014. The later issues were produced on a word processor and are reproduced exactly. Early ones were produced on a duplicating machine. Many of these have been scanned but many more required transcription. In each case the issue is on the disc in PDF format.

The DVD is ONLY available to current members


 The whole database has been indexed by territory and the index file should be read using an Internet browser. Each item in the index has a link which finds and opens the relevant article in the archive.

To see the index (which has over 2000 records) please click here → INDEX.

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All payments payable to the Membership Secretary.
and must be paid in sterling either by (a) Cheque drawn on a Bank with a UK presence, (b) some members prefer to send banknotes but we would remind them that they do so entirely at their own risk or, (c) PAYPAL using the button below.

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