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 GEOSIX is the society’s quarterly journal.

It contains society news, members news, information on recent events and philatelic research articles of interest relating to the George VI era.  There is a index of the articles which have appeared in GEOSIX:-

For original Study Papers (1-15), click here

For issues from 1- 246 (these form the content of our Archive DVD still available to members) , click here &

For issues 255 - 266, click here                  For Articles on varieties found on George VI stamps click here

For details of recent issues click below:-


Issue 267: March 2018

Issue 271: March 2019

Issue 268: June 2018

Issue 272: June 2019

Issue 269: September 2018

Issue 273: September 2019

Issue 270: December 2018

Issue 274: December 2019