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Stamp of British Guiana
SP 1 British Guiana 1938-54 Geosix 72
SP 2 Bermuda High Values Geosix 74
SP 3 St Kitts-Nevis 1938 Geosix 75
SP 4 Falkland Islands Dependencies Geosix 77
SP 5 St Vincent Geosix 80
SP 6 Mauritius 1938 Geosix 81-83
SP 7 Antigua Geosix 86-87
SP 8 Hong Kong Geosix 88-92
SP 9 Bermuda 1940 1/2d, 1d Provisional Geosix 93
SP 10 Leeward Islands Geosix 94-97
SP 11 Nyasaland Protectorate Geosix 98-100
SP 12 Barbados Geosix 101-106
SP 13 Key-type High Values of Bermuda, Leeward Is. & Nyasaland  
SP 14 Bermuda 12/6 perf 14  
SP 15 Jamaica  

The numbers of the relevant issues of Geosix are shown in the third column. SPs 1 to 12 were identical in content to those issues of Geosix. The material in SPs 13 to 15 appeared in Geosix first, but alterations and additions were made before the publication of the SPs.

Information on how to purchase Study Papers and back issues of GEOSIX can be found on the Subscriptions page.

Stamp of British Guiana
Stamp of Antigua Stamp of Antigua
Stamp of St. Helena Stamp of St. Helena

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