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The Forces Postal History Society has responded to the COVID19 crisis by making its journal freely available to non-members. The journal (whole number 324  Summer 2020) can be downloaded from their website using this link and it contains several items of WW2 King George VI , interest as well as an excellent article about the trapping of the German raider Konigsberg in East Africa during WW1.

South African Philately Club provides collectors of South African, Southern African and African material with a forum and virtual meeting space. At present it is hosting a set of excellent displays by Jamie Smith on Kenya Uganda and Tanganyika covering the King George V to Queen Elizabeth periods. These are really worth looking at and, since they may have to rotate displays as new ones are offered, you should check it out now before these are replaced (monitor, Ronnie Winchester). The link is:-


Stamp Lover (the NPS Journal) vol 112 no 3, June 2020 has part 1 of article on Civil Censorship in South Africa in WW2, by Chris Oliver.

 Also in this issue you can find the regular checklist of the British Philatelic Press July -December 2019. The literature covered comprises Gibbons Stamp Monthly, London Philatelist, Royal Mail Philatelic Bulletin, Stamp Collector, Stamp Lover and Stamp Magazine. Stamp Collector in particular was running KGVI articles last year.

 Finally, current Stamp Lover letters section p 73  illustrates a cover franked with two of the 9 pies Victory stamps of INDIA (1946 SG 278) but postmarked at AVALON F.M.O. (FLEET MAIL OFFICE) in Newfoundland on June 18th 1946. It is addressed to California and the writer asks for more information about how you could use India stamps to post letters in Newfoundland, even from a naval base.

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