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Stamp of Aden

The Society was formed in 1960 by the late Frank R. Saunders. There are currently about 400 members living in 27 countries.

The main aim of the Society is to bring together all those interested in the stamps of the reign of King George VI.

The Society holds regular meetings where KGVI material is displayed and discussed. An auction for members, open to postal bidding, coincides with the Annual General Meeting in April.

The Society issues a quarterly journal - GEOSIX. It contains research, queries and answers, news of discoveries, auction realisations and other information about the Society. Since 1960 members have produced many erudite papers and articles covering such topics as stamp design, printings, shades and varieties. Please see the publications page.

If you are interested in philately during the KGVI period and wish to become a member then please contact the Secretary of the Society. Details on the contacts page.

Stamp of Aden
Stamp of Bahamas Stamp of Bahamas
Stamp of Cyprus Stamp of Cyprus

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