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GEOSIX Issue 283

Significant King George VI Keyplate Flaws:  – Denis Littleworth

Unissued KEVIII Stamps for Hong Kong, 1937 – Brian Livingstone FRPSL

1939 Forces Airmail Addressed to a RN Officer of HMS Exeter

– Hugh Osborne FRPSL

 Malaya: Malacca Chop on Straits Settlements Stamps – Susan McEwen FRPSL

Gold Coast 1948 4d Definitive Die Proof – Jeremy Martin FRPSL

Bahamas Columbus 1942: R2/6 “OF/US” Flaw – Richard Staffeldt

The Funeral of His Majesty King George VI – Rod Vousden FRPSL

A Naval Chaplain: Rev. John G. Falconer – Geoffrey Davis

Tangier Post Office, 13th May 1937: From the Archive – Barrie Cook

Canadian Ration Administration Cards – Earle Covert, BNAPS member