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GEOSIX Issue 280

A Postcard to Grandma and an Heroic Action at Sea in WWII – Barrie Cook


Unrecorded Plate Flaws on Hong Kong 1938-52 Definitives – Nick Halewood


Intriguing 1941 Postcard from Kenya to Palestine – Nick Halewood

Two Versions of Character “2” on Hong Kong KGVI Adhesives – Nick Halewood

Sark during the German Occupation in World War II – Gerald Marriner


Four Plate Flaws on Cyprus 1938-51 3pi and 4pi Definitives – Robert Crabtree


Falkland Islands Air Letter with Meteorological Office Cachet – Hugh Osborne

The British Guiana 1856 1 Cent Magenta is Up for Sale – Brian Livingstone