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GEOSIX Issue 278

Albino Sheet Numbers on Falkland Islands Issues – Hugh Osborne FRPSL

Somaliland Protectorate 1942 Definitive Issue –

Michael Cox and Brian Livingstone FRPSL  

August 1941, Jamaica 5/- Printed and Line Perforated 14 by De La Rue – No Need for a Perforation Gauge – Brian Livingstone FRPSL

Falkland Islands: A Case Study of the Posthumous Use of the King George V Silver Jubilee Omnibus Set – Rod Vousden FRPSL  

Two Unlisted Flaws on ‘Coronation’ Omnibus Stamps – Viv Sandercock

The Waterlow 12.5 Line Perforating Machine – Ray L. Donati

 Another Example of the Scratched Marginal Mark on Gambia ‘Victory’ 1½d at R10/3 (and its Purchase from Whitfield King) – Viv Sandercock