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Stamp of Hong Kong

The aims of the Society are to draw together all those interested in the stamps of the reign of King George VI, so that they might pass on their knowledge to each other, record all that they know for future generations and pursue joint studies of the stamps issued so as to enlarge the body of philatelic knowledge for the benefit of all.

There is still a great deal of research yet to be carried out. As the years have progressed, members have expanded into the field of postal history for the period where again there is still much to be discovered and recorded.

In pursuit of these aims the society has regular meetings where collections and items are displayed. There is also an AGM once a year and an auction where society members can sell and bid on lots consisting of quality stamps and covers etc with a minimum reserve of £5.00 for each lot. 

The Society issues a quarterly journal - GEOSIX which has research, news and other information on the Society. Society members have also published many papers and articles on many aspects covering the stamp designs, printing and issues of George VI philatelic material. Please see the publications page.

If you are interested in philately from this period and would like to get involved and become a member then please contact the Secretary of the Society. Details on the contacts page.

Stamp of Hong Kong
Stamp of Leeward Is. Stamp of Leeward Is.
Stamp of Northern Rhodesia Stamp of Northern Rhodesia

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