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A quarterly series of articles describing the varieties on stamps issued during the reign of KGVI as well as other associated information, was published in Gibbons Stamp Monthly, from August 1986 to May 2005. The author was Richard Lockyer, who owns the copyright. He has kindly offered to make them available to members and this extra page has been added to the KGVICS website. The index gives ready access to individual articles as pdf-files. If you are using Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser clicking the links will display a pdf of the article which can either be read immediately or downloaded for later. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, then clicking a link will automatically download the pdf to your "Downloads" folder. To read the file you either click the download icon in top right corner of the browser window or click Ctrl+J.
Unfortunetely, some of the reproduced pages are slanted, but when originally photocopied there was no intention to make them available for public use, but for safety in case of computer failure.
These files have been available on Tom Cusick's site but Tom anticipates closing the site in a year or so. Our society is therefore very grateful to both him and Richard Lockyer for allowing us to host the articles as well. Tom has also asked that we host his library of images of listed KGVI varieties. We plan to take up his very generous offer and upload these in the near future. In the meantime do visit The Flaws Page.

The Articles
Ascension Barbados
Fiji pt 1 Fiji pt 2 Fiji pt 3
Malta pt 1 Malta pt 2 Malta pt 3
Sth Africa Victory Bahamas
1946 Victory Crown Cols pt 1 1946 Victory Crown Cols pt 2 1946 Victory Crown Cols pt 3
Brunei pt 1 Brunei pt 2 SA Silver Wedding, Settlers and UPU
N.Z. Health Issues 1946 and 1949 Falkland Island Dependencies pt 1 Falkland Island Dependencies pt 2
St Kitts-Nevis 1950 Tercentenary Issue pt 1 St Kitts-Nevis 1950 Tercentenary Issue pt 2
N.Z. Peace Issue pt 1 N.Z. Peace Issue pt 2 N.Z. Peace Issue pt 3
Bahamas 1942 Landfall Issue pt 1 Bahamas 1942 Landfall Issue pt 2 Bahamas 1942 Landfall Issue pt 3
Newfoundland Long Coronation Set Naru, New Guinea and Papua Coronation Issue Barbados 1947 Surcharge
S.A. 1937 Coronation Issue KUT 1 Cent Value KUT 1941-42 Provisionals
KUT Definitives 1938-54 pt 1 KUT Definitives 1938-54 pt 2
S.A. War Effort S.A. Bantam War Effort Southern Rhodesia Commemoratives
Tonga pt 1 Tonga pt 2
Small Keyplates pt 1 Small Keyplates pt 2 Small Keyplates pt 3
Small Keyplates pt 4 Small Keyplates pt 5 Small Keyplates pt 6
S.A. Commemorative Issues Burma Bermuda 1940 1d
Aden, Protectorates and Antigua Ceylon Basutoland, Cayman Is. and Cyprus
Flakland Islands Gibraltar
Jamaica pt 1 Jamaica pt 2
Burma 1938-40 Grenada Sierra Leone
Odds and Ends pt 1 Northern Rohdesia, Pitcairn Is, St Lucia, St Vincent and Tristan da Cunha Odds and Ends pt 2 India, Bahawalpur, Solomon Is, Virgin Is North Borneo and Sarawak
Seychelles Sudan
Round up on Ascension Round up on Bahamas Round up on Various pt 1
Round up on Hong Kong Round up on Various pt 2 Round up on 1937 Coronation and 1946 Victory
GB Commemoratives pt 1 GB Commemoratives pt 2 GB Commemoratives pt 3
End of the Road Large Keyplates etc pt 1 End of the Road Waterlow Samples etc pt 2
Stamp of Bermuda
Stamp of Ascension Stamp of Ascension

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